New Model Stable Cascade Part 3

Next comes a guide on how to use Stable Cascade’s training code and download its required model guide. Especially, it includes training scripts for various use cases, such as Image-to-text, ControlNet, LoRA, and image reconstruction.

The CFG Scale in Stable Diffusion

Last time we went through the basics of Stable Diffusion, we can expand to explain a bunch of concepts. Today, we will continue with one of the pillars: The Classifier-Free Guidance (CFG), which controls how closely a prompt should be followed during the sampling process in Stable Diffusion.

How to train LoRA model?

In this article, we mainly make an in-depth analysis and summary of all aspects of the LoRA model in all dimensions, including basic principles of the LoRA model, LoRA model training tutorial from 0 to 1.

How to deploy SDXL Turbo?

Month ago, Stability AI released an open source model SDXL Turbo. Like the LCM, it only takes 1~4 steps to complete image generation, most of the time it finished almost instantly, while